Riviere – Singapore latest rare riverfront condo

Latest property launched in downtown Singapore River to see Riviere

Riviere is a 99 leasehold property located 21 St, Kim Jiak S169422.

Riviere has two layers of residential building, with a total of 455 units, in addition to Frasers Hospitality will be development of 80 units serviced apartments, as well as three warehouses. The three independent warehouse will be designed to transform the region’s retention of architecture, this will be a century old and new warehouses to protect iconic modern housing construction is the perfect combination.

Riviere condo is to be build along the coast of Singapore River, located at Singapore’s central business district (CBD) heartland. Designers will provide these spacious, high ceiling space, giving new life through three iconic structure, forming a highly attractive riverside apartments, it combines shopping, restaurants, offices and apartments in one, close to the docks and piers Robertson. The hotel right in front of Kim Jiak Bridge, which can be access directly to Kim Seng Park and Robertson Quay.

Riviere condominium set in one of modern and traditional styles, while retaining the integrity while also achieving a personalized living, so that residents can enjoy not only convenient to the city centre, a modern way of life, can also experience the tranquility of nature.

Each has a bustling river – New York, London, Shanghai and Singapore

Every river carries a different story

Singapore River (Singapore River) carry the evolution of Singapore.

A forged ahead, to overcome the development story

A progressive, to move forward with the development.

Each story has its particular present moment.

Each milestone for the future path of development is plastic.

Each and every one of those memories will never forget.

Every moment is the perfect definition of luxury lifestyle.

Sales of unique features

This luxury landmark residential vitality of nature along the Singapore River, built for Singapore to add a new chapter of history.

The area within the three unique protection will be renovated warehouses in the region, as part of a rich heritage. Rivière will provide hotel type services – features fine dining, grocery stores, restaurants, a healthy dinner / lifestyle philosophy, hotel apartments reception etc.

Type of service – to provide the hotel concierge service, housekeeping and laundry services, where there can be scheduled at preferential prices Riviere of the adjacent apartments.

Five minutes to Singapore’s central business district (CBD), 10 minutes by car to Orchard Road (Orchard Road)

A future subway station is located between the Thomson East Coast Line station, namely the Great World MRT station and Havelock MRT station (is expected to be finished in 2021).

This is a sleek, international into one of the top residential. In Robertson Pier (Robertson Quay) and Singapore River region (Singapore river) off the coast, you can enjoy a long history of Singapore and fine art, can also indulge in recreational facilities around, enjoy the exciting nightlife.

The residential luxurious development will attract affluence people, tourists, fashions, persons with discerning taste good, low-key, brand or anything with a head for business, you have to be able to meet your needs all the facilities.


Here to achieve racial integration, contains a large, white, Chinese and Indonesian.

singles, couples, have a couple of kids, maintained his innocence and stylish older couples are all here together.

The consumption of different idea

In order to be able to afford luxury consumption and is its unique personality and lifestyle attracted to you and exclusive offers.

inventive – to want to experience new things and experience something never seen or done things you and exclusive offers

For you to choose a variety of facilities

Right at the foot of the excellent facilities makes it easy for you to leverage your night life

As a personality, like being alone and hopes to “single” group growing you and exclusive offers

to focus on technology, service and quality you and exclusive offers

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