Where is Riviere located in Singapore?

Riviere is located in the 3rd District, the River Valley which is one of Singapore’s central region. The area is Singapore’s traditional private gold strip, there’s a lot of noble houses. Riviere of land is a nightclub on a pilgrimage to the world’s most famous pilgrimage nightclub (Zouk) prior to the location. The items are also facing the coast of Singapore River Riviere is composed of Fraser Property, developed by Riviere location in an area of about 13,481.7, at 3.8 square metres of floor area ratio, belongs to a 99-year lease. In March 2023, the project is expected to be able to have a temporary admission to pass.

Designed by the famous architecture firm Riviere SCDA, designed by a firm of architects SCDA Zeng Shiqian founded in Singapore in 1995, Zeng Shiqian as chief architect and design director. So the service offered to customers including architecture, landscape architecture and interior design, the overall design is known. As Asia’s latest architectural design power, whose works have received widespread attention, and the Architectural Review, the construction fact sheet, the World Building of periodicals and books at home and abroad, to introduce a diversified firm SCDA’s architecture firm, whose operations include architectural design, interior design and landscape design, they’re in landscape design experience, the field of design work to be able to put the needs of our customers and their design idea of perfection and closely together.

projects include building to 36 storeys of the building, there were a total of 455 set 80 private flats and serviced apartments. The home has a bedroom suite included 70 units, 140 a two bedroom Fang Shan 210, a three bedroom and three bedroom units and three luxury four bedroom units. 3 lying luxury units and four lying unit has a private elevator. A unit of Area 51 square metres to 186 square metres.

Riviere walked in and gave him a only seen downtown to realize life wisdom, elegant without losing their taste, atmospheric without fanfare, all you can see the makings of an inner calm, with an attitude to life’s exquisite taste. In all, the river is also a land of celebrity. Then, on the banks of the Danube River, on the River Thames, is always accompanied by elegance and comfort. And whenever a Riviere, the head of the natural outgrowth of the famous Austrian composer has echoes of Strauss’s The Blue Danube Waltz.

Located in Singapore Riviere Riverside to 13481.7 square metres of water off the coast of grand scale built along the river, with a “livable” as the core idea of planning, building into a modern style, open the Lion City in the new standard of life. The Singapore River, adjacent to maximize their view of the river, one of the first courtyard surrounded by ideas, forming a peninsula, the islands have the sole original scenery, to create a high quality of life in the slow river island in the river, a regimen of exemplary community.

The Riviere is well designed with the European garden concept, water into the home is the biggest character, winding its way through the water, waves, and leaves a trace. Thus, if the “small bridges people” a bit too small Jasper, Ray Yajia court region enough to describe the ladylike style. Feng shui so-called treasure and not empty, and Ray Yajia court Yuanbao house are plump, un terrain, collecting Tibetan style gas excellent feng shui!

Riviere interior design with the latest smart home system, allowing it to enter your life, and provide unlimited access. As digital electronic locks, a wireless webcam doorbell, intelligent control air conditioning, etc.

You can go home before 10 minutes ahead of time through a mobile phone application to turn the air conditioner on, after coming home is cool and comfortable temperatures, the elevator entrance to facial recognition, support for using a mobile phone application subscriptions apartment facilities such as a barbecue area, gym, use a swipe card opened direct mail, and so on.

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