Riviere – A rare mixed development in the heart of Singapore

Recently, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore’s 2019 National Day Rally speech, the government will announce in the next 10 years, the age of retirement and re-employment age period of three years.

Why extend the retirement age? The root causes, and life expectancy. Singapore’s Ministry of Health and the University of Washington Institute assessment of Health Statistics reports that in 1990-2017, Singapore’s life expectancy than in the past has been extended by an average of 8.7 years, to age still overtook Japan to become the world’s longest life expectancy in the country.

Data from WTO terms of unnatural causes, resulting in death, with air pollution, such as suicide and murder. Singapore is known as Garden City, the air pollution index is extremely low. The Liveable cities rankings, Singapore has always made the list.

The air is fresh, high quality, food safety, according to the United Nations sustainable development assessment standards, Singapore’s medical and health situation in 188 countries in the world’s second largest, was also inside the top 20 of the only Asian country.

Singapore’s social order is relatively good, reducing the chances of unnatural death. Singapore is not only good, good air quality and food safety is guaranteed. In addition, Singapore’s food less oil, salt, food, focusing on a balanced diet.

Singaporeans are more happiness index ranked in the world, completely liveable city. Singapore has become a lot, living in one of the important investment choice.

But by Singapore’s top developers Fraser Property built one of the last out of the Singapore River high-end residential apartments – RIVIÈRE, became the home of choice for many people. Riviere is a 99 years leasehold condo located on the sweet premium spot along Singapore River.

1 km around the winding River landscape ecology, quiet and tranquil communities enjoy life; Located in, convenient transportation, supporting improved quality of life and enjoy;

The waterfront living condominium is exquisite, delicate and elegant grand pan-European flavour; with wide range of school selection for children and other amenities to serve the residents.

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