Riviere brings forth the high-end quality living in the central of Singapore

One of Singapore’s largest real estate group – Fraser Property launched the latest residential condominium near towards River Valley, the heart of Singapore.

Blue waves, ripples in the line and city living abroad.

Lake with love to dance together, sharing a quiet.

It was the mysterious East of Garden of Eden.

As a part of the genesis story from the bible, Eden, the Tigris, Euphrates gikhon of the river along the River, and more than the entire eastern land extended to today’s Singapore River of Singapore, has given a new life and vitality.

In this kind of prosperity, the civilization was born under it – RIVIÈRE

Speaking earlier, Riviere Fraser Property was developed by the end of the construction of riparian out high-end residential apartments.

RIVIÈRE Fraser Property, which is backed by Singapore currently the oldest real estate developer, is one of three major developer in Singapore. Its headquarters is located in Singapore, and listed on the Singapore exchange boards, as at 31 March 2019, with total assets of 166,000,000,000 yuan.

Downtown area transportation

RIVIÈRE is located in Singapore’s central region. As well as Look North, was known around the Gulf, across South Iangbin high-end private and commercial, belonging to Singapore, in a traditional private gold strip downtown but keeps quiet, enjoy the scenery.

It convenient transportation, located in downtown RIVIÈ RE, adjacent to several subway stations being built in the Thomson, from the eastern coastal rail line (Thomson-East Coast Line) in the Great World MRT station and Havelock MRT station only a couple of minutes walk away.

At the same time, multiple major highway project is connected to financial district, about 12 minutes, Orchard Road eight minutes, the airport will only be 24 minutes. The bank is located in Singapore, but also provide water taxis, with Clarke Quay (Clarke Quay) and barge dock (Boat Quay) to reach the marina Arts Centre (Esplanade) and regional financial centre.

In view of the gardening, 1 km around the winding River landscape ecology communities, stroll and exposure to the substance, and rest my two best forgotten. The hustle and bustle and glitz to throw your mind, body and soul at this time of purification. Riviere for you and your family together 24 hours a day to enjoy the quiet life.

Elegant grand waterfront mansion, pan-European style of architectural style, to catch a glimpse of the magnificent river island in a handful of classic, is every chase deep feelings that many successful people in a great place to be.

Shue, the young mother was having three evictions of educational resources around teaching. RIVIÈRE, Rich moved to teach, not three of you and your kids can give school districts with the highest quality experience.

Here is the list of nearby Primary schools: The famous River Valley Primary School just over a kilometre, conveniently close to the entrance. In addition there are Zhangde Primary School, Alexandra Primary School, Cantonment Primary School;

High school: The European Southern school (Outram Secondary School), Gunn Eng Seng School (Gan Eng Seng Secondary School);

High school: Art Institute of Singapore (School of The Arts) and Nanyang Academy of Arts (Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts);

International schools: Eaton International School (Eton House International School), the Swedish international school, Finland international schools.

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