Best waterfront living location in Singapore

The Global Competitiveness Report, released in the United States, Singapore, the first!

The World Economic Forum (WEF) yesterday unveiled the latest Global Competitiveness Report, involved in the assessment of 141 countries ranked first in Singapore, the United States ranked second.

The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report published since 1979, with 12 each year, the theme of the 103 indicators, the economies in the world to conduct a comprehensive evaluation, which is currently ranked 141 economies across the world.

Ranking indicators report zero to 100, tours will include institutions, infrastructure, information and communications technology adoption, macroeconomic stability, health, technology, product, market, the labor market, financial systems, market scale, commercial viability and ability to innovate, etc., as a way to measure the competitiveness of economies.

Singapore marks out of 100 points on the index for total points in the system, still ranked in the top of the list. The United States, ranked second with 83.7 points out.

Singapore topped the ranking this year to be able to benefit from advanced technology infrastructure, skilled technical labor pool, the kind of immigration law environment and effective way to start a business.

In recent years, Singapore is attracting more and more people go to buy a house and settle investment. RIVIÈRE – Singapore – rare River waterfront homes, will enter the field of vision. So what is it about RIVIÈRE charm about it?

Singapore, which is located in a central area, sits on busy convenience

In Singapore, Rivière core CBD location, North Wang Buji Iangbin was known, to the South Bay. Luxury homes around the perimeter and commerce, is part of Singapore’s traditional private gold strip, enjoy city CBD 100,000,000,000 supporting and improving urban complex facilities.

The surrounding transport facilities, many educational resources

RIVIÈRE, subway project on the north side by more than a kilometre, is Singapore’s most famous public school – – Li Hua, enjoy a Singapore primary school admission policies at a nearby facility.

More than one major highway project is connected to financial district, about 12 minutes, Orchard Road, Airport and only eight minutes to 24 minutes. Whether the subway, high-speed or water transportation in close proximity.

Both functional and beautiful, minimalist To luxury romance

RIVIÈRE, built by the renowned design firm to consider and natural history, a combination of both functional and beautiful. To enter the zone green surrounded by water features and garden design.

Supporting the riverside promenade area for outdoor swimming pools, water garden, as well as a series of outdoor social lounge, will be a quiet space and recreational facilities 24 hours a day together that duality, as owners to create dignified and elegant, comfortable and cozy home.

The internal layout, practical and flexible layout, to enhance the standard of luxury living in the city. The open kitchen, walk-in wardrobe – but with the standard of living.

The modernisation project development in smart home technology, including digital electronic locks, you can remotely control a wireless webcam. smart air conditioner control, smart mailbox, such as convenience and improve the residents quality of life, no worries.

The Riviere is indeed an exquisite waterfront condominium and is also home a wealth of educational resources to school districts. multiple extreme, more enjoyment. Their investments are limited to two houses, on a first-come, first-served basis.

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