Fraser Property awarded to developed riverside residential condominium

SINGAPORE – Singapore real estate developers awarded Fraser Property to develop riverside landmark condominium, Rivière.

Located on the shore of Singapore River project in a unique position, not a single life is complete, the city’s central financial district downtown area, and many others, Entertainment and arts centre, only a few minutes can reach

Development projects, including two high building 36 floors of luxury private residences, offering a total of 455 units, to enjoy the bustling city centre, but more convenient to create nature greening and waterfront life; Enjoy an unobstructed view of the Singapore River, make room has the most abundant natural light and fresh air

Award winning developer Fraser Property by Singapore’s new real estate development project Rivière, will be released on July 13-14 in Hong Kong public offering, as Asian markets to lead with the first stop. Fraser Property is an experienced international real estate company, is one of Singapore’s top real estate companies.

property is situated in the heart of the city, with a unique location and environment, stands at the sprawling Singapore River. Developers Wis provides ideal for residents on the banks of the exquisite every corner of life experience, have a relationship with nature, art and luxury features specially designed to create a living space.

Fraser Deng Guojia Singapore Real Estate managing director said: ‘Each city has to be representative of the river, such as Shanghai’s Huangpu River, London’s River Thames, while Singapore has the Singapore River. This type of location in Singapore, a rarity in the historic Singapore River more rare, and even more rare is situated next to a Creek project. Each unit design features not only shaped to fit relaxation living luxury vibe, the project also has the Green River waterfront surrounded by the relaxed environment, and the convenience of the surrounding facilities, but also neighboring Singapore a number of key areas

Master of architectural masterpiece, the perfect combination of charm and elegant living

Riviere set in one of modern and traditional styles, while retaining the integrity of the project, but also achieve personalized living so that households can not only enjoy the convenience of the downtown area, modern way of life, but also the experience of nature to be quiet and sit on an open river scenery.

Project from award-winning SCDA Architects team building, chief architect of Soo K. Chan, said: ‘In order to create a perfect work of art, we try to explore the region’s history and understanding of conservation of heritage significance, wants to put Singapore of Origin legend continue also to turn history into the plans. We used in the design of the modernist, minimalist, stylish, practical and take into account the quiet space and all-weather leisure facilities that duality of self-annihilation. ‘There are two parts of luxury residential building 36 storeys high, with 455 building a luxury residential units, including a housing unit interval to four rooms, an area of about 560 square feet to about 2,002 square feet, the project is expected to be completed in 2023.

The architect made a point of visiting the location will receive a raise two layers, with spectacular views of the river together to let owners and visitors are impressed. In addition, in order to make household every day can feel comfortable in one hour, more residential units will be rising 18 metres from the ground, offering a completely an unobstructed view of the Singapore River.

After careful landscaping design, tranquil water and lush gardens in each corner, residents can enjoy a variety of leisure and relaxation room, such as riverside promenade for a small swimming pool, gym, outdoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi, floating gardens, as well as a series of outdoor dining pavilion lounge and social gatherings. Moreover, Riviere also has a set of polished space such as a library, lounge and recreation room. The modernization project development in smart home technology, Riviere that is also true for residents to provide greater convenience and security, intelligence, including through the phone book use public facilities, such as smart mailbox.

fusion of old and new styles of conservation of cultural heritage

The design conceptRiviere very seriously and has a long history of the uniqueness of the building. adjacent to a building project has 80 flats and serviced apartments in three towers of about 100 year history of the cultural heritage conservation legacy of warehouses, will be used for future commercial use, providing a high level of catering services and shops. A hundred years of history Ruo Jin Street (Jiak Kim Street), and was once a major hub of Singapore trading community warehouse will incorporate Ray Yajia court way of life, to be the perfect community living space and the build up to a Singapore Rivière both as a symbol of life and culture.

Full of running in all directions, and let your light rail system

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