Exploring The Riviere 2 Bedroom


All right, so now we are in the Riviere, two-bedroom show suite. The two bedrooms there are typically four stacks. There are two different sizes so three stacks are of 818 square feet nature and one of the stack is of a 840 square feet nature. Now the key difference between the 22 square feet is basically that the 840 square feet allows you to have an enclosed kitchen model and you do probably also feel that because of the enclosed kitchen, the hall space and the dining space become slightly bigger by just an inch.

For the 818 square feet model, although you don’t have an enclosed kitchen but this kitchen looks really fabulous because the fact that even from the one bedder which you have just seen previously, they are all giving very quality and very premium finishes. So the entire kitchen similarly. For two bedder are Poggenpohl kitchen cabinetry and of course Poggenpohl has been in the market about 129 odd years back. Of course it’s an European brand. Similarly, not just Poggenpohl, they have also thrown in Gaggenau appliances as well. So on this portion this is your integrated fridge from Gaggenau and the bottom will be your freezer.

What you have here is also an oven at the bottom plus an induction stove over here and induction cooker. This is a fantastic Poggenpohl design because you get Quartz Top, you got a nice Franke sink that is extremely huge. Right at the bottom of your kitchen, this is where you have a Bosch washer cum dryer that’s already fixed for you. There are also additional storage options right here for all your condiments and for Poggenpohl their soft closure design is actually called motion drive. So similarly if you notice the hinges the tracking, all these are of the Poggenpohl brand because the entire kitchen are made by Poggenpohl. You’d also have a fair bit of top hung for two bedder of course 818 square feet apartment this will definitely be sufficient.

I think it’s a mixture of all the very good treatments here for cabinetry and this is really thoughtful. Notice the panel here is id treatment, so just for this fixed panel which is not openable. In order to flush the design for what the developer is giving you but this entire system is given to you and this is beautiful. We love the fact that they are throwing in this as well so it’s a smart kitchen kind of concept. You can close it up and then you can open it up to hide the doors at the side. You can use it as a pantry, coffee machine or breakfast area. It also able to store your wine and whiskey and of course you have top shelvings that you can keep. Other than the fact that these are all like top open shelves but they have closable doors that are really thoughtful design plus the fact that this is a place where to keep all your cutleries. There are a lot of storage space just right at this zone itself. Heading to the dining space, living and dining space is combined for dining based on the design of this showflat is being parked right in front of your kitchen island top. You do have like a four seater space that is pretty comfortable over here. Living room space we have complaint.

Second bedroom for this two bedder, the size is really great. Although right now this is more like a single or super single kind of size, this actually illustrates the measurement of a queen bed. So if you were to have a queen bed, you will be up to around a portion of this. You still have a good lot of space right here. Usually, if you go to a normal 2 bedroom, that’s probably like 650 square feet or 700 square, the bed probably will really come to this particular direction that is very close to your wardrobe space. So you can really feel the size of this bedroom.

When you come to the Riviere showflat, you also have soft closures sliding panel wardrobes that is given. A little bit about some materials usage of course on how the wardrobes have been constructed in some projects. Inside the wardrobe that they give to you, you can see the white walls which are the original walls of your bedrooms. Because of the wardrobe system in order to minimise the amount of wood usage they would typically just build the bone or the entire frame structure of the wardrobe. But the moment you open up you’re gonna see the actual back wall of the bedroom. For this one these are all solid wood that’s given and then you still have very good drawers with soft closure and if you open up to the other side, it’s also all done nicely for you.

Take note that this entire system is id treatment that means they’re just showing you how you can do it up. If you want to keep your aircon nicely but it is basically a wall mounted fan coil up at the ceiling. Now for the common bath is also spacious. Taking on the design because tower one and tower three there is a total of 13 stacks. In order to let the units have views from all the bedrooms and the living room area, definitely in terms of the layout wise, some of the bathrooms will be using the ventilation duct. Space wise definitely you don’t feel that you are in a very compressed space.

You do get the luxury fuel marble flooring all the way not just in your living dining walkway, marble flooring throughout for the flooring and the wall tiles of the common bathroom as well.

Heading to the master bedroom, you have to turn in here feel the space which is fantastically huge. Just for a two bedroom you get the sizes the king bed with two side tables are done. You can still put in a dressing table at the side with much walkway to walk about. You still have a place for your tv console rack and then of course full height panel windows floor to ceiling. Now the ceiling height is about 2.85 top floors, here gets about 3.6 meters. Of course you don’t get the kind of side panel wardrobe that is getting very common for a lot of the projects. Having this side accessories panel, you can install that yourself. We like the fact that even the switches are quality finishings.

The rain shower for your master and then a lot more space are given to the mirrors. You only have one side storage panel but you do get a nice bottom panel over here. Marble finishes these are all beautifully done. The master suite here in the two bedders also do not have a ventilation window so is mainly using the ventilation vents. But of course in exchange of this you do get very good room sizes in both your bedrooms

Overall here, you definitely can feel the luxury feel. So coming back here, you can put the approved balcony screen. The only tiles that is not marble are basically your homogeneous tiles at a balcony space. So basically this is the only part take note that there’s the aircon latch right outside your second bedroom. Right here but of course that is the very common kind of layout nowadays. Your aircon latch will either be right outside your bedrooms if not it would definitely be towards the kitchen area so adding a lot of bonus in the layout itself.

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