Exploring The Riviere 4 Bedroom


This is the largest one 2002 square feet four bedder with private lift. Standing at the entryway of the private lift, we will come in to the lobby where you have a casement window. Usually the private lift lobby is fully enclosed pretty dark but this one you have a nice window coming in . As you head in here, this is to illustrate to you what a 3.6 meter ceiling feels like you’re living and dining but if you buy all other levels that is not level 36, it’s 2.85. Notice for layout concept nowadays usually they will do this kind of like white angular fashion whereby the balcony will flush together with the indoor space, meaning that it’s not like the narrow rectangular version. Usually the premium units they will give this kind of white layout that you’re living and dining enjoys. Very smart laid out because usually for four bedroom they will put a junior master on one and stand alone so it becomes like a guest bedroom will be on the other side

This is the junior master with your ensuite. Junior master is huge with so much wardrobe space with three panels. Over here you have a queen, two side tables and then the windows are full height, floor to ceiling. This enlarge the space and then coming into the junior ensuite bathroom that comes with super high shower. Because of the high ceiling, same quality finishes that you see in every unit here. They don’t just reserve the best for the biggest unit.

The entertainment kitchen comes with full Quartz Top, doubles up as an island and positioning is just so right. The room will start at the corner, your front door is your dining space. There’s about eight seater in the living room space where you can put in a u-shape. Sofa then probably that will fit about eight seater here four panels are id treatment not to flush the same finishing as your actual kitchen. This would be white wash wall but you can take the same concept. Starting from here gonna all the way microwave conventional oven. The Gaggenau fridge but the door handle and everything i mean this entire kitchen top plus everything else is all Poggenpohl. But the internal fridge is Gaggenau. Wine fridge here so this is like your drink station or your mini-bar okay.

Living room, this is a designer piece at the back which is not included. You do get a round pillar here because the entire layout is so white and huge, definitely at some portions you will have a pillar but that’s the only thing that we see here. Usually for luxury units they will have like a round circular kind of fashion for you to move above. So later you’re going to see for a master you can actually head towards your yard area. Share with you the pros and cons, this wet kitchen is so big so you have both induction as well as stove and hop are all Gaggenau. Your glass backsplash which is really easy to maintain but also looks good and lots of cabinetry. This is signature Poggenpohl. You will notice that the cabinets flush all the way till to the top so that are bonus extra storage space. So you don’t waste the double volume ceiling height. Utility room so this can be your laundry room or your helpers room. You willl have your yacht toilet behind here will be the place that you wash your dishes. Of course, super top food a lot of user experience are already planned out. More storage space definitely great for kitchen and behind comes with a laundry space that has a washer cum dryer.

This is the place for you to store any forms of like toiletries and stuff like that. At the bottom, with DB box and a back door because privately, you will have a back exit to the common service lift lobby. You can also install the retractable automated system to hang your clothing. All those retractable systems already have heating elements. You don’t have to push hours anymore. Now can just hit it within the rack itself. So this door is locked.

The two are common bedrooms are very similar in size. To your common bedrooms in the three bedroom layout. If you have this added height of the double volume ceiling, it makes the room feel a lot bigger. But even without it, the common bedroom size here at Riviere is really great. The second common bedroom, you can sort of visualise a different kind of setup where you have a study table here and then a single bit there. This second bedroom can be a home office so it can entirely be a study table. Some shelving you already have these built-in wardrobe here. This is such a huge common bathroom which almost feels like your master ensuite already, with comes with very clean seamless vanity design. Everything is really very sleek and very clean.

Master room definitely the highlight where you have your own private balcony space. Have a look at space full aluminium frame, probably is about three panels glass railings on your balcony so it doesn’t impede your view. King bed has two side tables and these are huge side tables. Beside allows you to place a reading chair, so you can imagine the amount of space even the space for your king size bed. All the way to your wall line here, you have a lot of space here. The interesting part are the wardrobes also off very high in quality leather finish in the middle, so when you walk in. This is like a lock-in wardrobe leading into your master suite. Coming in the master ensuite, you have full length durability bathtub. This is unique because usually they will put in inside the wall instead of a full glass mirror. You have compartments on both sides his and hers with marble finishes throughout el paso storage space at this corner. Here you have standing strong with an extremely huge rain shower right here. Since this is the nicest and largest showflat in Riviere, we shall end our showflat tour here.

Riviere is one of the most prime projects that you can find along the Singapore River. The designers they really put in a lot of good fittings and good brands right inside every apartment. If you want more information, we have a couple of places that you can find information. We have our editorial website, you can also click on the link below and of course if you want to look at part one of the analysis, click on the link here to look at part one.

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